AnneLayneToo is a branch of AnneLayne where creative design meets laser wood cutting. AnneLayne has partnered with a commercial laser wood cutter out of Channahon, IL to offer the trending designs of today as well as the unique designs creatively envisioned by me to develop the new division, AnneLayneToo .

My partner and I work well together.  We have created an efficient work model as we each have our own part in the production of each piece that is shipped out.  The design work of all the pieces ordered through my little Etsy shop is done by me here in Baton Rouge, LA. Once all the revisions have been made to the drawing, if there are any, the client purchases the listing or a private listing (requested as a custom order) through my shop.  After the purchase, I submit the file to the shop in Channahon, IL, where the piece gets cut, packaged, and shipped to the client.

Since my background is engineering, working in design programs has proved to be beneficial in the creation of the wood pieces that I have listed in my little shop.  I also design custom pieces when my clients need something special or have a design idea of their own.

As you browse my little Etsy shop, check out the sales and reviews links on the left side of the page. Nothing is more telling of the work I do than through these two areas of my shop. You will be able to see some drawings and photos of the wood art that is ordered through my shop and received with overwhelming praise.

Take a look for yourself.  We have a trend of happy clients.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

~Rebecca Edwards


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