What to expect upon delivery of your laser cut wood piece.

If you are new to purchasing laser cut wood pieces, you should know that laser cut wood is burned by the laser. That is what produces the dark edges and the smell of burned wood.


More specifically, wood that is cut from a laser leaves a clean, accurate edge. During the cutting process, the laser produces a temperature that is higher than the sublimation temperature (temperature where a solid is transformed directly to a gas) of wood causing the wood at the cutting edges to be suddenly evaporated in the form of smoke that escapes quickly. The smoke transports the heat that is introduced at that cut edge away from the wood which causes relatively low thermal stress and leaves a brown edge and a bit of hazing on the back side of the wood. This brown edge is smooth and does not require sanding. If your project requires a clean back side, sanding the wood piece will remove all of the hazing marks completely.

Before sanding…


After Sanding…


If you are doing your own research about laser cut wood, like any observant DIY’er should do, there is nothing unusual about any of this should you have concern. Laser cut wood pieces are made to be finished in some way. Weather it is painting, staining, or decoupaging, once you finish your laser cut wood piece, you will have created a piece uniquely yours.


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